Wednesday, September 3, 2008

For 4200 Yen, you can get...

It’s hot as heck in this country, the percent humidity in the four-digits, I drip sweat from my forehead and knees, and I smell.  Therefore, it’s time for a haircut. 

I don't know why, but as soon as school was out I came to the conclusion that I MUST get a haircut IMMEDIATELY.  Murakami doesn’t have an internet café, but it does have one million hair salons.  I rode my bike along a couple of the main streets to compare prices, but then it started to rain so I just went into the next salon that came up.  None of this really matters, I just wanted to share what a Japanese Haircut ‘Experience’ is like. 

For the price of 4200 yen, you get:

  1. Bag Check
  2. Shampoo (water at the perfect temperature, scalp massage, and slight ear massage with a towel over eyes)
  3. Haircut
  4. Blow-dry
  5. Haircut
  6. Shampoo (same)
  7. Separate head massage
  8. Blow-dry
  9. Styling
  10. Touch-up haircut

Yup, so that’s that and my hair’s a little shorter and a lot more layered.  Hopefully this will help me stop sweating from every pore  in my face!!

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