Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home Chicago

Since being home, I’ve been putting off updating the final leg of my year in Japan. As fast as the last month went, I can’t believe how much I was able to squeeze in. I’ll try my best to rack my brain for the memories that took place nearly two months ago…

Wrapping it up with a visit from Naomi

Upon returning, I made a little book picture book for Naomi to help keep the memories of Japan fresh. It went a little something like this:

On August 11th, 2009, Naomi made her way to the country Naomi had been living in for the past year. Reunited, the Naomi-Naomi-best-friend duo visited the must-see spots of Japan. They cycled around Kyoto, body-boarded in Shimoda, dominated Mt. Fuji, and wandered the neighborhoods of Tokyo. Every time these two particular Naomis get together, there's many entertaining adventures to be had. This trip did not disappoint.

July 11th: Tokyo, the arrival

*Asakusa and conveyer belt sushi.

July 12th ~ 14th: Kyoto, by bike

*Day 1: Kinkaku-ji, Ninna-ji, too late for Arashiyama, Mr. Donuts, Tofu dinner.

*Day 2: Kiyomizu-dera, Nanzen-ji, Gion, Nishin-soba, Ginkaku-ji, riding up and down the river path, colorful bike shop, Bibimbap.

*Day 3: Kyoto station, Arashiyama, monkeys, koi, and tako-yaki.

July 15th ~ 16th: Shimoda, the beach

*What do you know, there's a matsruri going on.

*Body-boards, 'Tummy' Yasu ... yup, free onsen, Kinmedai fish, Indian curry.

July 16th ~ 17th: Mt. Fuji, we HAVE to do it

*Dominated the f out of that volcano. With Roland & Raj, we hiked 12 hours up and down Japan's tallest mountain.

July 17th ~ 20th: Tokyo, getting lost

*Day 1: Asakusa tempura with Roland and Raj.

*Day 2: Shinjuku, Shinjuku Park, Kabuki-cho, spicy curry, Harajuku, Japanese pizza, Roppoingi.

*Day 3: Ginza, Shibuya, Puri-kura, Karaoke, Yaki-niku, Blue Seal Ice Cream.

*Day 4: Tsukiji Fish Market and fresh sushi for breakfast.

What the heck happened to that Japan book? We’re actually lost without it!!