Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Weekend in Koide aka Fish Swamp (Sunday, January 18, 2009)

Saturday was our LAST of the LAST dress rehearsals.  It was held in the same concert hall that we’ll be putting on our very first performance.  I have a pretty tiny ninja part but still manage to jump the gun on a couple of scenes – ah well.  I’ve also volunteered myself to be in the front row for ALL of the dances I’m in.  I usually forget at least 3 parts per dance but you know, it’s ALL good J  That night some of us stayed in the area so go snowboarding and skiing at Hakkaisan the next day.  We had DELISH pizza and then headed to Richie’s to huddle around the kotatsu and have crazy conversations that can only erupt from such a diverse group of people. 

Moving on, Hakaisan was AWESOME.  The lift to the tippy top was so far away, a gondola had to take us there!!  There were more runs than just that though, but all in all, it was a perfect warm day with soft powder, and Hannah’s birthday!!

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Margaret said...

when do I get to see a video of this performance???