Friday, February 13, 2009

Celebrity Status

A month or so ago, while joining the Kudou family for dinner, a man from the Murakami Newspaper stopped by.  I shouldn’t have thought it was a coincidence because it ended up being planned by both the newspaperman and Kudou, but we talked a bit, and now I have a monthly column in the Murakami section of the Niigata Nippo.  My first article was due over the weekend, and came out on Tuesday.  It never crossed my mind that EVERYONE in this town reads the paper, and from Tuesday morning through this very moment, people I know and don’t know keep saying ‘OH!!  Naomi-sensei, you were in the newspaper!!!’  One of the first graders at Senami brought a copy of the article into school and asked for an autograph, leading to EVERYONE demanding a ‘sign.’  It’s so cute and I must say, I LOVE the attention and just laugh every time someone mentions it.  Hahahahahahahaha!!!

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