Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Hike Up Gagyuzan (Friday, April 24, 2009)

Lucky for me, the weather sucked yesterday, so the Senami Elementary School hike up Gagyuzan Mountain got pushed back to today!!  I was told to pack a backpack, lunch, and gloves.  Why gloves you ask?  Well that’s because the trail gets pretty steep at the top and we must grip a rope to help us up those parts.  Why a lunch?  Well that’s because we love to eat cute bentos consisting of rice, little bits of meat, veggies, and fruit at the top of mountains.  Why a backpack?  Well that’s to hold not only our gourmet lunches, but also huge containers of tea, handkerchiefs, tissues, picnic tarp (duh, we need something to sit on at the top), and candy.  I packed mittens (thought we needed gloves because it was going to be cold toward the top), a sandwich, and a backpack containing mittens, a sandwich, and a water bottle. 

The WHOLE entire school, hundreds of 1st through 6th graders, got into a single file line and walked from the school to the base of the mountain, and then up the narrow trail to the top.  It was so much fun to walk amongst the crazy students pushing each up and down and off the rope, and listening to their ridiculous stories that little kids that age talk about.  One of my 3rd grade friends even shared her tarp with me at the top so I wouldn’t have to sit on the dirt-y ground!!  Obviously, this was one of the best school days I’ve had in quite some time.  

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