Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye Niigata (August 7, 2009)

My last week in Niigata consisted of hanging out with those I didn’t want to leave. I took the shinkansen a couple of stops with Jenelle before she left the country for good. She was on her way to Narita International Airport, and I was on my way to see Japan’s #1 fireworks in Nagaoka with Ruu and Futoshi. Tuesday was Colleen’s birthday at a 4 course high class Italian Restaurant (poor girl had mono and didn’t know it at the time). Wednesday I hung out with my grandma and great aunt. We started with a movie, some shopping and of course eating and drinking. That night I went to Ruu and Futoshi’s for our ‘last supper’ which was way more fun than sad thank god. Thursday evening my great aunt, aunt once removed, and second cousins took me out to a clay pot ramen place. It was only fair, as they took my brother to the same delicious place while I was stuck in the hospital. Friday at high-noon I boarded a train southbound for Nagoya. The combination of my grandma, great aunt, aunt once removed, second cousins, Futoshi, and Ruu seeing me off caused my heart to be shattered into billions of irreparable peaces. I couldn’t help but violently weep for 30 minutes after the train took off.

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