Friday, November 7, 2008

Wine, Cheese & Wasabi (Wednesday, November 5, 2008)

A while back, we made friends with an old man who plays guitar, owns a sake store, does calligraphy, and is interested in learning English.  He called me over the weekend and asked me to go over to his store on Wednesday night for a little English lesson for him and a friend of his who was interested in learning conversational English.  I went with a notebook and some ideas for a class, and was greeted by 5 old men in suites and a table full of wine, cheese, bread, and the standard Japanese hors d'oeuvre platters.  ok.  I guess I had mentioned that I liked wine to him the last time we talked (which was probably a month ago, and come to think of it, he probably asked me if I liked wine and I was probably like ‘yeah, it’s cool’) so he invited his group of guys over for essentially a wine and cheese party.  I think the idea was that we’ll start lessons next week and this was kind of like a welcome party.  Either way, it was a blast.  Each guest brought with a certain characteristic: the family friend, the musician, the quiet observant one, the talkative one who no one could understand, the hopeful young one, and the mediator.  At one point guitars were brought out and the guitarist and the mediator played and sung (well, kind of) ‘Sweet Home Chicago.’  Then the guitarist exclaimed “I’m hungry, I want a piece of cheese and wasabi!”  “AHAHA, what?!?!” I said, “what does that taste like … actually … I bet that tastes OK.”  “Yes, try a piece, here’s some wasabi!!” and then EVERYONE was eating cheese and wasabi, and it was really truly honestly quite good!!

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