Monday, December 8, 2008

Shogakkou Matsuri (Friday, December 5, 2008)

I’ve been fortunate enough to get out of middle school work/boredom after lunch for the past two Fridays to attend Kamikaifu-sho Matsuri and Senamikko Matsuri.  Each grade, 1~6, prepares their own attraction for the rest of the school, visiting kindergarteners, preschoolers, teachers, and parents to enjoy.  Haunted houses, obstacle courses, rope climbs, chopstick-tissue-catch, basketball, darts, bowling, golf, fishing, ring-toss, and a box maze were only a few of the offerings.  This is probably comparable to our 4th of July Block Party as a kid.  One of Hiki-sensei’s students told her that he was so excited, he could hardly sleep the night before!!  

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