Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frisbee and Someone called 'Tomo's' Birthday BBQ (Saturday, June 13, 2009)

We left the House of Lights with just enough time to get some ramen and make it to Jon’s monthly Frisbee gathering.  I wish I had been able to make it to the first two because it was SO much FUN!!  Jon reserved the huge Niigata City Sports Park field for four hours, rain or shine.  For the first time in my life, I played around on artificial grass, and to my surprise, thought it was awesome.  Over 30 people of varying abilities showed up to make four pretty competitive teams.  The team I was on ‘Orange Ties’ wound up getting second place, woot!!

Immediately after Frisbee was some guy named Tomo’s Birthday BBQ.  Ruu, Fuu, Courtney and I were all invited to it, but realized once we were all together that none of us knew who he was!  He ended up being a really cool, peace-sign-loving guy, and welcomed us to as much drink and meat as we pleased.

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