Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008: Quick Recap

Every year, the ALTs in Niigata Prefecture put on a Charity Musical to raise money for schools in Papua New Guinea.  Some of the perks include meeting & getting to know ALTs from other parts of the prefecture, getting to see and road trip around Niigata through the fall and winter, visiting PNG for 2 weeks in March, and getting to sing and dance while dressed like a ninja.  This year’s musical: ‘Shiroyuki and the Seven Samurai.”  Basically, some dude named Shiroyuki (White Snow) has beautiful hair because he possesses the magic hair scroll; the evil queen gets jealous when her magic mirror tells her that his hair is prettier than hers; she sends a hair stylist to cut off his hair; the hair stylist can’t do it so sends him to live with seven hair stylist samurai; the queen finds out that Shiroyuki still has his hair through the mirror, so sends ninjas to cut off his hair and take the scroll; all the mean while a princess from the land of hats falls obsessively in love with him and his hair and eventually saves day.  Last weekend was the first musical rehearsal in the southern part of Niigata: Joetsu.  About a 3-hour road-trip down, 5 hours of rehearsal, grill out & sleep over, another 5 or so hours of practice, and then back home to Murakami where there were more red leaves on the trees than when I had left. 

Oh, and this is pretty hilarious: the other week, I had to teach elementary school kids facial features (face, hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, mouth).  As a review game, I split the classes into groups of 6 or so and had them each take turns drawing a different part.  Instead of going in the logical order of face, hair, eyes, nose…etc, I started them out with nose, followed by ears, then face, eyebrows, hair, eyes, and mouth:

I CRIED laughing!!

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