Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008: Snowboard Hunting

I’ve been hearing from various sources that now is the time to start looking for marked down snowboards from last season.  A couple of shops have apparently started their sales this weekend, so I ‘a hunting.  Yesterday I checked a place out in Niigata City that won’t start their sale until next weekend and will probably still be a little pricey.  After volunteering for packet pickup for the Niigata Marathon tomorrow, Scott, Laura, Scott and I headed over to a last year’s snowboard sale convention.  I saw one that I loved, got bindings and boots that kind of go with it and BAM now I have a snowboard!!

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amy p said...

I am so freaking jealous! I bought a snowboard online right before I left for training. When I finally got home and saw it, I was pretty disappointed...it's pink and purple! and not even a good pink and purple! it's so ugly! i kinda hate it but whatever...it's just a starter board.