Monday, March 2, 2009

Murakami Musical Weekend

The doors were open to a more convenient weekend as the musical finally came to MY stomping grounds.  My current Vice Principal at Iwafuna-sho was also once a VP at one of Jenelle’s elementary schools.  She’s one of the coolest VPs out there, and invited us over for mochi, dinner, and drinks on the Friday night before the next day’s performance.    Her husband is coincidentally a principal at another elementary school in the area.  As we talked and talked, we learned that they had grown up next door to each other, and actually still live in the VP’s childhood home.  They had no idea who the other one was, due to a 6-year age difference, just missing one another in the 6-year elementary school system.  Apparently their marriage was arranged, and yet they seem perfect for each other.  Their story is fascinating, and Japan continues to widen my eyes.

Because there was a tiny bit of alcohol involved, we spent the night, but made sure to wake up early the next morning to get some snowboarding in before Saturday night’s performance.  Aimee, Jennelle, and I got a solid 2.5 hours in before going to one of the Senami onsens that had a waterfall, and then straight to the Joho Center to start setting up for Prince Snow White and the Seven Samurai. 

In my opinion, and I might be a BIT bias, the Murakami Musical was the BEST one yet.  A couple hilarious mishaps happened and were brilliantly and just as hilariously overcome, the audience was fully engaged and responsive, and most of them were people I know!!  We had our largest audience yet, and everything for the most part went smoothly.  Even with my tiny ninja role, friends, students, and colleagues were so nice and gave me 4 bouquets of flowers and Murakami beef curry!!  LOVE flowers!!

Of course, Sunday Courtney, Jenelle, Casanova, Futoshi, Ru, and I went back to Wakabuna.  The slush snow was a bit better than the ice from yesterday.  I did a BOX … TWICE!!!

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