Monday, March 9, 2009

The Musical Floats to Sado

Not everyone was completely happy about taking the musical on a boat to The Sado Island.  As it turns out though, this was THE most fun we’ve had as a group yet!!  Due to stubbornly getting a little bit lost, and loads of traffic, there were a couple minutes that I had my car believe that we were going to miss the ferry.  Nope, we made it!!  The sea was full of swells that brought on seasickness to some, and loads of fun to others!!  Walking through the cabins, we discovered early on that if we skipped with high knees, eventually the boat would drop and we would fly!!  We had so much fun acting like our elementary school students skipping and jumping on the bottom, side, and top decks.  Eventually Christian and his Spiderman abilities ran up a slightly angled wall.  Monkey see, monkey do; we all saw and HAD to do too. 

With there being a 3-year gap between The Musical being performed on Sado, Saturday night was a BIG deal.  There was a pretty good turnout including friends, students, colleagues, and the MAYOR.  A video man came to tape the whole show so that they could show it on TV later that week!!

We were able to rent futons and a house for everyone to stay in on Saturday night.  I had TOO much fun playing Slap Happy, one round of Texas Hold ‘Em (no chips), and Circle of Death.  Jenelle convinced me to go on a walk into the darkness, and when we returned everyone was asleep and we had no futons!!  Luckily she’s a relentless detective and caught the futon thief red handed!! 

The ferry ride back was less wavy but still nice.  A hawk joined the seagulls that normally follow the boats from the mainland to the island and back this time.

I stopped by Obaachan’s before heading back to Murakami.  The weather was perfect, so I dragged her out of the house to go on a walk to the beach. 

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Margaret said...

I can't believe you're a famous Japanese Musical Star!!!

Touring now... awesome