Monday, March 9, 2009


Kawamura-sensei invited me over to see his dolls, and eat dinner with his family again.  The month of March, in Japan is known as ‘girl’s month,’ especially March 3rd, ‘Girl’s Day,’ or ‘Ohinamatsuri.’  The Kawamura family explained to me that when a family has a baby girl, they buy a massive Ohinasama set.  Every year, it’s brought out during the month of March to celebrate the growth and happiness of their daughter.  The first platform (top) seats the imperial dolls, representing the Emperor and Empress.  The second platform holds three court ladies, or sake bearers.  The third platform holds five male musicians.  The fourth platform displays two ministers of completely different ages.  The fifth platform holds three samurai who protect the Emperor and Empress.  The sixth and seventh platforms hold a variety of furniture, tools, and carriages.  If the dolls are displayed past April 6th in Murakami, they risk the chances of their daughter getting married!!

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Margaret said...

wow what an elaborate set up for "Girls Month" - does the girl at least get to play with the dolls?